*"A Sutra is defined in Sanskrit as a sentence having the following characteristics;
  • Use of the least possible number of words and syllables;
  • Lack of ambiquity about the statement made;
  • Explanation of only essential bases;
  • A capacity for universal application;
  • Precise denotation, neither more nor less than required for the statement."
The Yoga of Patanjali -Master E.K

With the words,

yogah-chitta-vritti-nirodhah  I-2
in the 2nd sutra
of the 1st chapter
of the Yoga Sutras,

Patanjali defines Yoga as
"...(the process of)
stopping (nirodah)
the movement (vritti)
of the formed mind. (chitta)"

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras*

are one of 6 Philosophical Systems in India
195 aphorisms divided into 4 chapters:
Samadhi Pada
Sadhana Pada
Vibhuti Pada
Kaivalya Pada

j. krishnamurti

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